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Sparks and Stories: The Wisdom of Wands – 5/9/2020

Our survival as a species is intimately linked with fire. We harnessed its light and heat, brought it into our dwelling places, and made this force of nature work for us. It cooked our meat, kept us warm through prehistoric winters. And at the same time, it took on new meaning as a gathering place. After darkness was banished and hunger satisfied, we circled around these dancing beacons and began to tell stories.

With these first stories, these first sparks, we began to explore the world around us. We transformed this unpredictable phenomenon into a technology that could work for us, and used it first to call our people together.

In tarot, wands represents all those things fire stands for: action, willpower, and creativity. This spread from Sasha Graham's 365 Tarot Spreads focuses on those key element in the suit of wands.

I pulled an example, and in what I know is typical for me, the deck I used had some... Opinions. I mainly use two decks: The Shadowscapes Deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law for personal meditation readings and for family and friends; and the Wild Unknown Deck by Kim Krans for clients. It's not that I can't read myself with the Wild Unknown, but when I do, I have to be prepared for the cards to treat me as a client. It's a very strange, circular relationship.

I've been getting in my own way for a long time, but I've started working on undoing those toxic behaviors and patterns that lead me down self-destructive spirals. Some new connections I've formed have started me down alternate path, but it'll take work to truly free myself from some of the self-destructive habits and patterns that have limited me in the past. But, if I am willing to make the effort, there's an equal payoff.

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