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Still, Still Here – 11/4/2020

I've been finding out what works for me (Instagram) and what doesn't (Patreon) and generally asking you gentle Internet folks what you want to see from me! The general consensus has been "all things tarot", but a few of you mentioned wanting to see more stuff about tarot history. It'll take me some time to curate resources on that topic, but in the meantime, I want to get back to showing you what I love about tarot: the art, the meaning, and talking about what it's meant to other people. You'll see spreads, deck reviews, and book reviews while I dive down the rabbit hole of tarot history.

To that end... if you follow me on Instagram (@katcosmo78) you're probably familiar with my card of the day readings. But what do the positions mean? Wonder no more!

3-card spreads are some of the most common in tarot, and the most varied. The limited number of cards means you have more freedom to decide what the card positions mean.

  • Past-Present-Future

  • Mind-Body-Spirit

  • Work-Home-Friends

These are just some examples. You can change what you want the spread to mean moment-to-moment, day-to-day. This is actually the first time I’ve ever codified the daily spread I use. If you’re interested in making your own spreads, I recommend starting with three cards. The possible combinations are limitless.

I do my daily reading first thing after I wake up. The easiest question to ask is, “What should I keep in mind today?” Or, “What energy should I cultivate today?”

  1. Card of the Day: The main theme, energy, or aspect to carry you forward through the day.

  2. “Background Noise”: Energies and/or influence running in the background. They have as much or as little to do with your day as you allow.

  3. Near/Immediate future: Not an outcome, but a possible direction in which to guide your thoughts and energy today.

This may not work for everyone. If you find yourself drawn to read closer to the end of the day, you could instead try asking, “What can I leave behind today?” Release the accumulated energy, instead of absorbing it, in other words. A daily spread for my night-owls might look like this:

  1. Card of the Day: The main theme or energy of the day

  2. What to learn from the day’s events

  3. What to let go

There is no right answer here: there’s only what feels right for you. Play with it!

What about cultivating the right mindset for reading? I hear you ask. A reading ritual does not have to be particularly long or complex. All you need is your tarot deck, and a space to read in. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Shuffle in whatever manner is easiest for you, and stop when you feel ready. I find it useful to keep a tarot journal, to keep track of repeat cards or to revisit later with updates on a situation (again, does not have to be fancy; it can be as simple as a spiral notebook). Draw your cards and take the time to consider them, to soak in what the images are saying to you.

Happy reading!

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