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Material Girl in a Material World: The Wisdom of Pentacles – 5/10/2020

Also called Pentagrams, or Coins, the Suit of Pentacles represents those things we can touch, build, keep, give away, and grow, often all at once. It represents our jobs, our homes, the work we do to change and influence the world around us.

When I pulled these cards for myself shortly after trying out the Wisdom of Swords Spread, it was almost a relief to find it focused back on me. Here again is my realm of influence: what I can do to improve my little corner of the world, how I can move through my surroundings with compassion balanced with keeping myself safe--

--oh fuck my entire life.

If Cups was encouragement, and Swords a meditation on the global situation, the Wisdom of Pentacles is nothing less than a direct callout--even if the tone IS still overall hopeful and friendly. It asks "Who am I?" at the end, and answers: "You are the person who would rather saw off your own leg to help someone else than admit you need any help for yourself" (5 of Pentacles).

I'm paraphrasing a little.

The rest of the cards speak to my continuing efforts to improve or at least maintain my mental health, forge a connection with my emotions that will allow me to experience them without being overwhelmed every time I try, and not to mention kick a couple of extremely detrimental habits (The Devil). All these things, I am putting in tangible effort to change, improve, or stop altogether, and even though it has nothing to do with my immediate material world, it is still a process of growing. It is still work.

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