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Let Me Spell it Out – 6/8/2020

Trigger warning: allusions to white supremacy, graphic cursing

I have struggled with how to speak on the events of the last two weeks. My anger on behalf of the black community is so small and new when held against the centuries of oppression, abuse, and suffering. Your pain does not belong in my mouth. To speak on it at all feels like bringing a tea light to a forest fire.

Today I speak instead to those who I know walk through my community. I speak to you, who have stolen images from the barrows and pyres and transformed them into symbols of hate. You, who claim to act in the name of preserving old ways. You, who hoard the names of ancient gods on your tongue like you own them and for whom you perpetrate every color of atrocity from indifference to violence. You will find no friend in me. My door is closed to you. The flames in my hearth will not warm you. The baying of hunting hounds will follow you all the way to your ignominious death. May no god living or dead know your face.

I cannot and will not presume to speak for black practitioners, nor for the black community. Know only that I stand with them, however I can. Take a few moments to check out these black-owned shops, resources, and blogs!

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