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What is a journeyman?

            “Journeyman” is the term for the intermediate stage between apprenticeship and master of a craft. It is the stage when a student takes to the road with their skills, putting all they’ve learned so far into practice for the benefit of the communities they serve.


Who am I?

            I’ve been a practicing tarot reader for fifteen years, honing my skills first for my friends and family, and started professionally three years ago. I am here to share what I’ve learned so far, and point you in the right direction.


Why the change?

            The truth is, I am always changing and learning and growing. I want a name for my practice that will grow with me, that has room to change as I do. I chose Journeyman Tarot to honor all I’ve learned so far, and to acknowledge all I have yet to discover.


Have a question? Reach out!

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My name is Ríon. Welcome to Journeyman Tarot.

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